Guests' access to files in O365 Groups


Ok, just returned work from vacation and was looking some instructions. Have I totally missed something here or is this really the case regarding guest access to group connected SPO site:

All of the guest member's interactions occur through their email inbox. They can't access the group site but can receive calendar invitations, participate in email conversations, and, if the admin has turned on the setting, they can open shared files using a link or attachment.


This is from this support article:


I tested this and at least my test guest users can access to Group site...

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That statement is wrong IMHO, by default an Office 365 Group guest can receive Group conversations and of course, access the files stored in the Group site

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thats what I thought too! Now the question is why that kind of totally false instruction has been published and went through MS QA. It's not just a typo. Are there changes coming to how guests can access to the Group files... Or some summer trainee has been creative perhaps?