Guest clicks on roundel then barf

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When my guests click on the upper right round icon I think the system tries to take them to the Person / Profile page which of course does not work as they have no Delve profile on my tenant. Is this the correct behavior? Can we explain this better than barfing? Or disable the link?



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Sounds like a bug we should fix + @Sahil Arora

Where is the user clicking exactly please so we can reproduce the issue on our end? ( can you share a screenshot)

I ran into the same issue when testing guest access in our environment where External Sharing is disabled and I expected guest access to not work.  Check that you do not have External Access disabled but Sharing enabled (Home > Security & Privacy > Sharing).


Thanks David for reaching out! I will follow-up with you on this bug. Could you clarify whether guest access was enabled or not?

Some more detail - quite hard to debug/replicate becuase this is happening to a guest who is also a member of other O365 tenants - thier usual place of work. And is Swedish!


1) Guest went to the CAF Group Sharepoint and clicked on her photo up in the right most corner and then chose ”My preferences”. 

I thought she meant About Me.  If a normal guest goes to the shared files they dont see thier picture, just the guest email address (using a LIVE account vs my tenant account and no About Me option.

But she may mean her round picture in the preview of members.  As this user was already signed in (even worse her company uses the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant ) to her other tenant, then they see thier round picture.   I tried that and got errors from Delve - previously I suspect no one had used Delve on the tenant and it was not setup.  Anyway that doesn't work either:



And when I try the URL directly I get a similar message


And yes, external sharing is ON


NB: a little annoying that in a REPLY, you cannot upload a photo form your computer and only use URL based images 

just saw the same issue :) thanks for fixing