Groups - to hide or not to hide.... that is the question!

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I created a Group in Outlook. The email address appears in Outlook GAL and the group name appears in Outlook navigation under Groups. 
I created a group in Teams while creating the Team. The email address appears in Outlook GAL and the group name appears in Outlook navigation under Groups. 


It was my understanding that Groups created through the process of creating a Team would not appear in Outlook. Help me understand why it is appearing.


If I run the PowerShell to hide the email address and group name in Outlook, then I am not able to see the group calendar that gets created because as we know, my Outlook calendar will display by default and to only view the group's calendar, I have to un-tick my calendar and tick the group's calendar. But, since the group is hidden, I don't have an option to make it visible in Outlook.


It was my hope that only MEMBERS/OWNERS of a group could see the email address in Outlook GAL and group calendar, but I guess that isn't true?


Either I am doing something wrong or there is a lack of vision in how this process should work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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It might take some time for the settings to apply, but generally speaking you shouldn't be seeing any teams-enabled groups, unless you specifically change the corresponding parameters via PowerShell. Which is the only way to make the Calendar appear in Outlook.

@Vasil Michev Both groups were created several weeks ago. One via Outlook and one via Teams. Both are visible in Outlook (email and calendar). We do not want staff emailing these group emails so the only way to do that is to hide via PowerShell. When we hide via PowerShell, we can still email as the address is still enabled, however, we can't see the calendar. How do others handle this issue?

@Annette1101 Vasil is correct. When creating the Team from Microsoft Teams, it should not be showing in Outlook by default. Are you by chance in a Gov tenant or any other special environment? And just to confirm, this was a new Team from scratch, not a group from somewhere else that was "activated" for Teams, right?

@Mike McLean (OFFICE) Yes, we are a Government client. The group created during Teams creation was created less than 3 weeks ago. If GCC tenants have different outcomes, please direct me to a site that would show this difference in group creation expected outcome. Thanks!