Groups permission quirks

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We have discussed in several threads about permissions quirks (bugs?) in Office 365 Groups.

Here is something I just noticed.


  1. I shared with contribute permission a modern team site (i.e. connected to a Group) with an external user (not an external member!). For sharing I used the following path: Cog menu -> Site permissions -> Advanced permissions settings -> Grant permissons - Invite.
  2. The external user (which btw is an Office 365 user in a different tenant) regularly received the invite email and can regularly access the site, including documents and so on.
  3. Nevertheless, the external users is not listed in the Permissions page (user.aspx). But, if I check permissions (in user.aspx) he is regularly reported as being given directly contribute permissions (see attached screenshot).

Am I missing something?

cc @Juan Carlos González Martín @Brent Ellis


2017-03-13 11_33_33-Posta in arrivo - Outlook.jpg

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Did you try to use the option of inviting the user to the site without having to go through the Advanced permissions?

Do you mean this?


2017-03-13 13_44_51-TestPrivateGroup02 - Home.jpg

Yes, I tried, but it didn't work at all for external users!