Groups not forwarding mail

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We have a group that needs to forward emails to all the members. RIght now email sent to the group is successfully delivered to the group, but none of the group members know about it. We want to have the emails be forwarded to all group members. We would prefer not to delete the group and start over since there is a lot of history etc. in there. I have spent a few hours on this so far, and have scoured the internet, and asked around my colleagues and we are all stuck! 

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Each member can "subscribe" to the group in order to start receiving messages directly in their Inbox. You as the admin can also control this via:

Add-UnifiedGroupLinks groupname -LinkType subs -Links userA,UserB,UserC...
Oh yes, the subscriber settings again ;)

@Vasil Michev Thank you I will give that a try. For future users is there a way to enable this automatically? Or we can add this to the steps when adding users.

You can toggle the -AutoSubscribeNewMembers flag via Set-UnifiedGroup.