Groups iOS App - Change Folder Sorting?

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Can anyone please tell me how to change the foldername sorting in the iOS Groups app?

I've finally figured out that the folders are sorted by last modified, which is totally unusable, because the modified date of the folder does not update after editing a file within that folder.

Therefore all folders are sorted by the time I created them or renamed them. 

I've tried changing the sorting in the browser, but that change is not replicated to the iOS app.

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AFAIK, you cannot change this in the Groups App that is not build based on the configurations you make at the browser

That much I assumed, since I haven't found a setting.

But how is anybody able to work with that sorting?

Hi Ivan,


I am the PM driving our Mobile efforts from Office 365 Groups. One of the key issues we noticed our users facing is the information architecture of the app as it pertains to Mobile. We have seen that our users use Outlook Groups on mobile primarily to consume new information and triage them (reply/like). In the past, the badge number on the app didnt easily correspond with what that number meant when the app was opened. For example, there will be a number on the badge, say 2, and when the app was opened, the sort order wasnt conducive in informing the users where those two conversations existed. If a user is part of many groups, and there are multiple unseen counts  this problem becomes even worse which leads to them hunting for the new activity. 

With the recent change, we are trying to get the new activity at the top so users can easily get where the activity is and quickly view and read the conversations. 

Your scenario of using groups primarily for file collaboration is interesting, and we are planning to make updates to tie that into user activity which will play well with the new sort behavior. 

Thanks, Keep sending in your feedback and use case scenarios so we can take all of this into account as we build out the app. 


- Krish

Hi Krish,

Thank you for your response. I totally get the latest change, where you sort the groups themselves by latest activity, and that's totally OK with me, since Group Icons are clearly visible, plus you have favorites groups highlighted as well.

I hope you understood me correctly, I was talking about AFTER entering a group (in the iOS App) and then clicking the files tab. 

All the folders are sorted by last modified, but last modified for a folders does not update, even if a file is updated in that folder. Which means, the sorting very static and not at all what you want to achieve and have described. 

If there were no folders in the Group Files, that sorting might work out. 

Maybe the not updating modified dates for folders is just a bug, and therefore the sorting on the mobile app doesn't make any sense.

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Hi Ivan,

You are right. The current files experience in the app can be improved. We have a plan to make some improvements here in October, that should fix the issue you are seeing. Keep sending us feedback and how we can make the app work well for you.