Groups Classifications Show Up When 'Create New Site' in SPOL. By Design or Work In Progress?

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I've successfully done some work to implement most of the Groups settings and they seem to be working well.  Almost TOO well, though.


Specifically, now when we try to create a new SPOL site, the classifications appear there as well.  The 'Default Classification' is also applied when a site is created, and visibly displayed at the top/left of the site. 


Further, for some strange reason when we hover over the classification the URL to the 'Usage Guidelines' is displayed.  Huh?


Is SPOL grabbing the Azure 'Group.Unified' settings and using them by default?


I'm kind of realizing that when I enabled the Groups policy and populated the settings it looks like I 'extended the schema' of AAD, which exposed these attributes to all O365 apps to use.  Is that correct?


We're actually considering using this 'feature' in our SPOL environment for site categories, but before we go down that road I'd like to understand why the classifications for O365 Groups objects have suddenly appeared and become usable in a Sharepoint site object.  Also like to know if that's by design, or a bug, or part of some larger 'unified' process that's going on.


Screenshots attached.




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Since you have already setup Groups Classification and guidelines, when you create a modern SPO Site from the SPO landing page you are also creating a Group so what you are seeing is absolutely correct and expected
Do you know how classification is stored for a comment site? For a modern team site in a group it's in the AAD schema for the group object. Could of course be on the site object in the graph.