Groups app in China app stores?

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Is there any update on when the O365 Groups app will be available in China app stores?


This appears to be one of the few (if only) Microsoft apps that is not available.  We have lots of users in China that are not able to make use of the easy group-based collaboration in the app.


(I am specifically referring to users in China using a US or EU -based O365 tenant, not the China O365 offering)



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Hi Brent, there are no plans to release the Outlook Groups mobile app in the App store for China. Outlook Mobile is available in the App store in China for download, and the built in Groups functionality should work when connecting to a tenant based out of EU or the US.

But that doesn't give users easy access to any of the group files or notebook or people?
Adding group files in Outlook mobile is being actively worked on and should be available in the coming months. What do you mean by access to "people"?
Seeing and managing group members

This is putting our employees that live in China at a real disadvantage.

There is lots of value in the standalone Groups app, instead of burying it inside of the Outlook App. I fear doing that is going to greatly diminish the value and usefulness of Groups as a collaboration tool...

Hi Brent,

We are making constant improvements to the groups experiences in Outlook mobile. With the most recent update in iOS, groups is now much easier to access in the sidebar (no scrolling required). We are working on more changes to help get to groups quickly and engage with them. In addition, we are also working on bringing group files and create/edit of groups to Outlook mobile. You will start seeing many of these light up in the app in the upcoming months. As these land, let us know if there are still points of friction you see with the experience that we could improve on. Thanks for all the feedback.


What about notifications?

Notifications is in our backlog for groups in Outlook for iOS and Android. We are working through a few features that will be important to key off notifications from.