Group welcome email contains invalid link

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The "welcome" email sent to me as group admin when I create a new group contains a link to "View Group Files and Activity", however, when I click this link, it leads to an error page with the following error:


Office 365

Your request couldn't be completed. Please try again. If the problem continues, contact your email admin.


The actual URL of the link is as follows (I've removed the group and domain name for privacy):


The other links contained in the email (Start a convo, Calendar, Connect to apps) work properly, however.


Can anyone else confirm this behavior?



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best response confirmed by Bob Manjoney (Regular Contributor)

Seems to work fine for Groups in my tenant and another one I tried. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch? Or the Group was created too soon and SPO still hasnt provisioned the Files part.

Bob is your mailbox in Exchange Online? Can you access the new files experience in Outlook on the web?

Just created a Group in my corportate tenant and everything is working as expected
Thanks everyone. It seems to have been a transient issue as the link is working now.
It was indeed temporary. The SPO site backing the group was already provisioned (I'd checked) so that wasn't the issue. Gremlins. Thank you for your reply.