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Hopefully I'll explain this correctly, this seems like such a simple thing. I have a user who created an O365 Group, which of course comes with this great Team Site. They want to add the calendar web part to the home page, which isn't an option. I added the Events web part on the page, which I'd be happy with... they are not. They want to see the good old fashioned month view of the calendar that they're used to seeing when adding a Calendar web part to a SharePoint site. Is this not possible? If you view the team calendar list, you can view the month, but I can't figure out how to display that on their home page.

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Embedding the OWA page in SharePoint Online hasnt been possible for years now, that's not specific to Groups. Although, with other mailbox types you have the option to Publish the Calendar, which might be a viable workaround (not available for Groups though).

You might invest some time on creating a SPFx WebPart that renders a Group calendar in your SPO sites...indeed, I recommend you to review existing WebParts created by Microsoft and the community because you might fin that WebPart

I too, would like to be able to display a calendar in month view on the 'Home' page of my sharepoint site.  My team needs this more than they need anything else and they are not tech savvy so having too much navigation to get them to this view just is not efficient!

We too need this. In addition to the core team using the calendar, the entire organization needs to have the ability to see it if they wanted. It needs to be readily accessible from the web for everyone, not just those who have explicitly added it to their calendar to view it.

@Deleted - last year we rolled a new web part to first targeted release customers that shows you the appointments in a group calendar. You can read about the announcement here.


The initial version of this web part only display the events in a list like format.


When we user tested some simple calendar views that "didn't quite look like outlook", users weren't happy with the experience. Instead of holding off on giving you access to the data, we decided to release the first version as an easy way to show group calendar information to your sites.... but understanding, it's not a "desktop calendar view".


The Outlook team is working on a project to make Outlook Web Access (OWA) even better. One of the side benefits of this project will be reusable views & components, that we can leverage to give you that outlook calendar like experience as a view option in Group Calendar. I can't comment on a timeline for these efforts yet, but know that we understand people want to see their calendar appointments in a calendar like view.



Any updates on progress with this?




@John Sanders  - any progress on this solution? A "month view for group calendar" web part for Sharepoint is highly wanted. 

@Placebo We aren't currently working on this at the moment, but it is in our backlog.

@John Sanders 
Any news on this ito possible release?

Hi @John Sanders, is there any update on this as it has been over a year since the last post?


We sure could use this.

@John Sanders 


Any new updates on this since your original post from 3 1/2 years ago?   

I find it beyond crazy that we still can't get a month view of our company wide 365 Group calendar on the SharePoint site that is tied to the group.  Can you at least find out and tell us if there is some sort of url parameter that we can tack onto  to have OWA show us the group calendar?  Then we could at least put an action button or quick link on the page where we have the Group's event list that would show then the month view in OWA.   I can add the link above, but then the users have to know to check the group calendar they want to view once OWA opens.