Group still appearing in GAL after setting HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled to true

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We will soon be migrating from Google Workspace to Office 365 for our email.  We noticed that there are quite a few groups appearing in the GAL that we do not want to appear.  I set HiddenFromAddressListEnabled to true and gave it 24 hours but my test group is still appearing in the GAL.  

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Are you actually checking the GAL though, or looking at the Offline GAL copy in Outlook?
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OWA should reflect the changes almost immediately, I'd suggest you double-check the value and if you are still seeing the issue, open a support case.
It turns out that the two groups I was trying to hide was still appearing because I was also a member of the groups. I was able to successfully hide a different group and it disappeared instantly from the GAL while using OWA.
In case anyone else runs into this, I had to set both HiddenFromAddressListEnabled and HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled to true to get the groups to stop appearing in our GAL.