Group restore is still in preview

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ETA is next year, please note you can now also restore deleted groups via the Exchange Admin Center.

I don't think there is a way to restore a deleted group from the Exchange Admin Center.  I can't find the functionality, or any documentation to support that concept.

Jesse we've announced the start of the rollout to EAC today via this message center post: MC125402 + see this updated article

Great!  We'll keep an eye out for the new capability.  Thank you!

And the really interesting thing about the restore deleted groups option in EAC is the use of a new cmdlet (Undo-SoftDeletedUnifiedGroup). I assume that this is because EAC operates with the EXO cmdlet set and having an EXO cmdlet allows EAC to do something different if necessary. In any case, you can recover a soft deleted Office 365 Group with a command like this:


Undo-SoftDeletedUnifiedGroup -SoftDeletedObject $Object


To find soft deleted groups, use:


Get-UnifiedGroup -IncludeSoftDeletedGroups:$True


These cmdlets are in EXO, so you don't need to load the Azure AD module.