Group Naming Policy - How do you manage group naming impact with Planner?

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This question is for those that have implemented a Group Naming policy with O365Groups.


When a new plan is created in O365 Planner a group is automatically created. Recently, a planner user asked if we could remove the naming convention in O365 Groups because it was altering the planner name.  (i.e. for us its a suffix +GRP).  Unfortunately, our exchange team uses the naming policy to distinguish group names from exchange names in the DL.


I'm thinking training/awareness is the solution. Basically, letting users know this is the correct behavior and to expect the planner name to change once the GRP is created. Or is this something that we can help users manage? Has anyone faced this similar scenario and if so, what was your workaround?


*I'm attaching a related screenshot of what I mean with the change.  (In the example I'm showing what happens when I edit a GRP and how that impacts the name in Planner).

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I guess this will change once the naming policy gets applied via AzureAD rather than exchange, it's in the roadmap. The other terrible limitation of the naming policy is that it keeps applying, go back to edit and your groups name will show as +GRP aabbcc, then when saved snouts +GRP +GRP aabbcc. D'oh.

I don't really try to explain this, just tell my user that it happens and Microsoft are working on a fix.

@Steven Collier thanks for responding. It is a pain but I'm glad to hear that MS has this on their radar to fix. I appreciate it!