Group member left off of DL expansion?

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Has anyone else run into this before with O365 Groups?


We have a senior executive group that scheduled a meeting for this morning.  Meeting was sent last Wednesday.  The group contains 18 people.


The facilitator (who is also a group member) sent the message to the group email address via Outlook (like a regular invite).


Only 17 of the 18 members of the group received the email invite.  I can confirm this doing a message trace on the DL expansion.  This user was clearly not on the message trace.


User is a member in the UI, can see an interact with everything in Outlook/OWA, and doing a powershell get members shows him there as well.

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Probably some replication info. If the Group is Public, he doesnt really need to be a member to interact with it. Try removing/readding him?

Has that one member unsubscribed from all Group emails? That would be my first guess.