Group Emails - exceptions for outside emails?

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Is it possible to have "accept emails from outside" turned off, but still allow a particular email address through?  For example a SharePoint workflow (, or maybe a specific on premise SMTP server?


We'd like to take advantage, but don't want to necessarily open up the groups emails to the full outside world.

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Not really, but you could set the group to accept emails from outside, but then to use an Exchange Transport Rule so that you block everything destined for that email address unless it matches the particular FROM address.
IMHO, this is possible because you can configure using Set-UnifiedGroup who can send messages to the Group in the same way you can do it with Set-MailBox for a regular MailBox...just try it :)

As long as you have the external address added as recipient (MailContact or MailUser), you should be able to add it:


Set-UnifiedGroup blabla -AcceptMessagesOnlyFromSendersOrMembers