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It appears that the group email settings option has disappeared. I can no longer see this in my production or personal tenants. Can anyone else confirm this please? We are about to implement groups to users outside of IT in our tenant and I need confirmation that this feature (A good one IMO) has been withdrawn.




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Can you please explain what do you mean with "Group Email Settings" ?

Hi Salvatore, Hi Salvatore, In the group conversations page, if you click on the cog in the top right hand corner you have the ability to invite others and unsubscribe from the group and some other options. Until last night you also had a group email settings feature that had four options: All, Replies and Events, Replies and None. This setting has been available since September until last night.

I still have them. Full tenant first release.

I have them too
Thanks Juan and Ivan. You must be luckier than me. Our production tenant only has a set of FR users, but my personal one is fully FR. Hopefully it is just a gliche and I will get them back soon.

Hi Lee,


We are currently in the process of refining our O365 Groups email subscription model, to make it even better and efficient. As a consequence, you are no longer able to see the "Group email settings" option in the dropdown, but the functionality of Unsubscribing from group emails still exists!


The option is visible in the screenshot you attached, as well as the group footer that you see in Group emails in your inbox.


In the next few weeks, you'll see changes to this model to make it simpler and more consistent across all Outlook end-points. Trust me, you'll want to be around when it come to your Outlook :)


Please do let me know if have any other questions we can help clarify.

Ok, I'm seeing now same behaviour described  by @Lee Mayger ... @Ravin Sachdeva might I ask you why you have not add a message in the message center describing this change in Groups?

I still have the option. Does the change in the UI also change the users current per group settings for this or do they stay the same?

Juan, this change was introduced to a small set of users for testing and we typically do not announce such changes.


We are doing a lot to improve on the group email subscriptions in Inbox in the next few months based on what we have learnt. Please stay tuned. :)

Hi Ravin,


I hope that you are right about me wanting to see the changes, because I used those settings a lot on the groups that I am a member of. I was aware of the unsubscribe option still being available and have no intention of using it, I just wanted to filter the conversations that are copied to my inbox.


I also believe that any changes like this should be notified to the Tenant Admins, as I was made to look stupid when I added this option to our groups testing phase.




IMHO even this small changes should be communicated in some you can see in the thread people is asking why this change cc @Anne Michels

Yes, even "small" changes can have a big impact to particular organizations.  Let's try overcommunicating for a while. 


When I was administering an on premise SharePoint farm, I would thoroughly review the details of patches/updates in order to spot changes that may impact my users.  The inability to do that with SharePoint Online leads to constant frustration.

I'm glad we were able to identify and explain the behavior, and I'm also sorry that you were put in an uncomfortable situation, Lee! 


It is always our intention to communicate updates and changes that affect the way you use applications and services as an end user or admin. We balance this with trying not to inundate you with irrelevant information - I was surprised by the number of admins telling us to put less in the Message Center - and it appears we undercommunicated in this case. Feedback like you're providing in this discussion is tremendously helpful so that we can continue improving the notifications and refining our understanding of impact when things change.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused, Lee. Moving on, we will ensure that even small yet impactful changes are messaged appropriately to you folks.


Again, I'm really excited for the changes that we will be bringing into the product in the new year, and sincerely hope to continually receive valuable feedback from this forum.



IMO this is an epidemic across Microsoft services.

I've got two instances of this same line of thinking that brought down/disrupted business critical services for us, and required Premier Support to resolve, for what Microsoft deemed insignificant changes that did not require any communication (one regarding S4B phone system and one for AAD). Not to mention the countless subtle changes that we just live with as part of the new Microsoft world.

Major end-user focused stuff is typically communicated well at this point in time, but all of the subtle things, and especially the back-end things are the things where we feel the most pain.

I agree with Brent. Making this kind of change without flagging it is stupid. It causes disruption for tenant administrators without good cause. By all means improve functionality, but don't withdraw something without replacing it with the new and improved code. And always tell people. It's disappointing that the Groups team, which is usually pretty good at flagging changes, made a **bleep**-up here.

We are still not seeing 'Group Email Settings'.
Any new information about improvements mentioned above?
Support materials suggest that it should be in use.
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