Group Creation with different Domain

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Hey folks,

We are prepping our Tennant to be productive in order to get rid our old mailing server. We also aim to pilot Groups for specific groups within our organization to give them more functions.

Since we have multiple domains for different areas, we would create groups in the specific Domain.
I know it's possible to assign domains with a policy, but that's not really an option for us, since we as Admins should controle it.

Within the normal Admin center you're for some reason unable to choose the domain. Through EAC it is possible to choose the wished domain. But something is weird regarding this.
The mail alias is not taken by SharePoint to create the site url, instead the groupname is taken.

Did someone else experience that, too and can tell me if this isn't happening by creating it via PowerShell? I haven't tested PS as my system can't or won't install WMF 5.0 in Win 8.1 Home.

Thanks for any help!
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If you want to take absolute control about how the Group should be created, you have to go for the PowerShell approach

The SPO URL will always be tied to the "service" URL, you cannot change that. PowerShell will allow you to specify a different domain for the "email" part though.

Thanks for the answer,
SPO normally takes the mail-alias given in the UI as part of the site URL. That's what's happening if I create a group with the default domain.

The confusing part is that SPO is misbehaving by taking the Groupname and not the mail-alias I type in when creating a group in EAC choosing the wished domain.
I would hope if MS could make the domains available to choose when creating one via the Admin Center...

But till then I apparently have to do that via new-unifiedgroup in Powershell.


I went the PS-Approach now and I'm still experiencing the same Problems. Office 365 is taking -Displayname as the main alias instead of the alias given -EmailAdresses SMTP:, therefore SPO is creating /Teams/<DisplayName> Teamsites instead of /Teams/<alias>

I see also the following in the admincenter, the Group ID is what I set with SMTP but the alias is also set to <DisplayName>@<Tenant>

I have the Feeling, that Microsoft has not yet implemented the multi-Domain Feature as everyone would expect.


Can someone confirm my experiences?
As a Workaround I am using Displayname to set the alias in order to late rename the Group but have the right Mailadress and URL for the SPO Site