Group Classification and Microsoft Graph


Is there a way to get the Group classification through the Microsoft Graph? I can't seem to find it, would be nice to show in my PowerBI governance reports.

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Thanks for reaching out. We currently expose this via the Beta endpoint of MS Graph and have worked planned to move this to the Production endpoint (coming soon). I'm curious to understand how you plan to use this feature and what reports you would like to create for the same?

While you're waiting for Microsoft to move the classification property into the production endpoint, you can get the information with PowerShell (just saying).

Get-Unified Group | FT DisplayName, Classification

I'm pretty sure the information is already available the time you asked about it. No need for a powershell.


Using the groups endpoint:


I can get the needed information. The following group in my tenant is listed as expected:


    "@odata.context": "$metadata#groups('0ea9da35-18d3-4c63-aa33-1daad3aa483b')/classification",
    "value": "LBI"


Here is the documentation:


If you are looking for all possible values you can check the specific settings (must be applied already to the tenant):


For my tennant:


            "name": "ClassificationList",
            "value": "Intern,Vertraulich,Streng Vertraulich,Geschlossen"




Hi Marco,

I can assure you that the information was not available in the 1.0 endpoint at the time of asking, and that was also confirmed by a Microsoft employee in the first answer.

On the other hand: thank you for informing me that it has been moved from the beta endpoint into v1.0!

I've implemented a lifecyle solution relying on the V1.0 API and I checked my GIT repo and I'm 100% sure the endpoint had the classification attribute 2017-06-27.06.2017. The documentation was updated a little bite later as I checked the GIUTHUB repo of the docs:

This commit is from 2017-07-20. So Microsoft takes some time to update the docs... and maybe the availability of "new" features in the V1 API is different accross tenants...


It just boggled my mind, so I did the research to make sure I was not working with the beta endpoint with my prod apps ;)