Group Calendars

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See there a way to see who in the group created an event on a group calendar?

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Well, maybe. While we do have the Auditing feature enabled for Group mailboxes, it only works for Groups whose default email address is associated with your default tenant name, In other words, if you have, you can run this:


Search-MailboxAuditLog -GroupMailbox -ShowDetails -StartDate "01 Jul 2020" -EndDate "01 Sep 2020" -Operations Create


and search for the event. If your group has a address, you're out of luck :)


Our office manages real estate and we use our Group Calendar to share meetings/events with each other. It would be very beneficial to have it notated who in the group created the meeting or event because there has been some questions. It would prevent question to who did it and time trying to find out.