Good graphic of the near future state of Groups?

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As I understand it a Group's communication channel depends on WHERE the group is created from. I don't necessarily like this but understand MSFT is working within some existing constraints.


Does anyone have a good graphic showing what is in ALL Groups (File library, Site Page, Planner, OneNote) and that you get one among three alternatives for communication (Yammer, Email, or Teams Chat).


I think this is a critical concept to convey. If I am not understanding the near future state, please let me know.


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Also, a question. We have a Team setup called "XYZ" which created an O365 Group called "XYZ". Once we get Yammer O365 Group integration, if I create a Yammer group called "XYZ" will it merge into that existing group? I suspect not.




I've been looking for the same thing.  


So far this is the best I've found -

My understanding is that (1) it wont merge and (2) it will tell you that the group already exists.

Though I asked the question in an AMA, "Display Name" doesnt matter, you could have 10 groups all named "XYZ", what matters is the underlying email address and url (for SharePoint), that is what can't be duplicated

Based on other tests, if you try to create a group that already exists, it will randomly append numbers at the end, so your email/url might become xyz47 or xyz22

I really wish they had enabled the /groups/ path for group-based SharePoint sites, as we have set up several site collections already that will conflict with group names.

I also am not a fan of Yammer