Force delete Group Site Collection after Group Deleted?

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I don't suppose there is a way to force delete a site collection after the group is deleted?


I created a test group that happened to use the name that I now need to use.  I deleted that group days ago.   It will create the group if I try to use the name I need, but appends a number to the end of the site collection (in this first case 69)


Dont see a way in UI, powershell doesnt work, a bit frustrating.

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@Jason Gould  I know is frustrating, trying to help here. I was also going crazy as well. These admin centers are now a maze to go thru, and they keep evolving.  hope you find the answer soon. 


I am sure will be a non-sense PowerShell that will solve the issue.





@Jason Gould - I'm in the same boat as you.  I have a single site collection where we dump all of our traditional team collaboration sites (as sub-sites) and that Site Collection has a lock on it.  I ran through hours and hours of Support and they could never get it fixed.  To this day i still can't delete any sub-sites under this one site collection and I'm beyond frustrated that NOT ONE person at Microsoft could resolve this issue.  We ran all kinds of scripts to output metadata,  i bounced between teams, SharePoint/Compliance and Security.  Frustrating to say the least!!

@Greg Jones I was having the same frustrating issue but was able to get it resolved by Microsoft support. Here was there explanation: 



Hi James,

I just got an update from the Engineering team that they were able to remove the hold that they found already.  Please check or try again after 24 hours.

Let me know how it goes.  Thanks.

Office 365 Next Team Support



Naturally their explanation doesn't help at all but you might try referencing my ticket number and with any luck the'll have some internal notes on how they resolved it on their end. Ticket number 13659489.

Good luck!


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Hi Brent,

on 01-26-2017 08:42 AM you wrote the following :

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Re: Force delete Group Site Collection after Group Deleted?
So interesting resolution, the direct url: /_layouts/15/deleteweb.aspx did it (where trying to go via site settings and powershell didn't work).  As soon as I deleted one manually that way, the rest of them seem to have deleted themselves. Maybe the first one just go hung up in a delete job and was preventing the rest from doing the same".


I am experiencing 3 group tiles that I have deleted from Admin Center > SharePoint Admin Center > Sites > Active Sites > Delete from here, have also deleted the groups from > Azure Active Dir > Groups, and have also deleted the groups from power shell, nothing works. Now, would you please spell out the URL in full because I couldn't follow that URL.  I will appreciate it big timie.