Feature Request - Support for extension attributes in Naming Policy

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Dear Community, Dear Microsoft Readers,


We need the support for extension attributes as part of a Office 365 groups naming policy. I´ve nothing related found on Uservoice.

The standards are all in use and can not be used to fit to the Office 365 Groups naming policy. Since this was not available - we were pushed to go live - even without that policy in place. You can probably imagine what that means....


So please Microsoft - Support Extension Attributes as Part of the Naming policy.


If you need more details or Info, let me know.

@All - if you agree to that request - use this threat to confirm the need.


many thanks.

best regards


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@Christophe Fiessinger might be interested in your scenario, as he was just replying to a similar thread on another medium :)

thanks for the feedback Markus, I'd love to see votes in User Voice!
To be specific you are asking to support Azure AD user extension attributes, correct?

Hi Christophe,

yes you are correct, we need to support for the Azure AD Extension attributes. Do you know if there is already a UserVoice regarding this request, which I have missed?

Would be glad to get a tip. If not i´ll create a new one.

best regards