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We would like mails to be dragged into groups, for future reference

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Sonny happy to say that we are working to support such scenario in the near term, in the meantime a workaround via Outlook 2016 is to leverage the following keyboard shortcut to copy messages to group's inbox: Crtl + C & Crtl + V

You're a lifesaver @Christophe Fiessinger! I've been searching for that everywhere.


It seems to work in Outlook 2016,  the message moves to the conversation. 


However, I'm not seeing the email message in the OWA view of the group conversation which makes me think that others won't be able to see the message, i.e. it is only within that group folder on my local Outlook? 


I don't think it will 'work' for teams if others can't see the emails we store in the Group folder.

Hi Brian,

Sorry about that. Unfortunately, this seems to be a bug. Copying and pasting or drag-and-dropping existing emails into a group is currently not supported.

However, we are currently looking into supporting drag-and-drop, with no timelines.
Hi @Christophe Fiessinger will that also be working in SharePoint i guess it does but... kr, Paul

Thanks @Ethan Li. Is there a User Voice where we can submit as an idea and vote for this?

Hi @Sonny Gillissen, found your post whilst looking for information about the same feature.


I've found a User Voice idea here that we can all vote for.


 User Voice Idea for Drag and Drop email into Group Conversation




not sure about SP, this use case is specifica to email messages


I am assuming you want to move the emails from Outlook (client) to an Office 365 Group document library.

Out-of-the-box there are several options to move emails from Outlook to Office 365 Groups or SharePoint Online. e.g. drag and drop via desktop, use explorer view, ... They all have limitations like no extraction of email metadata, no support for custom metadata, ...

You will need 3rd party tools (see Collab365 for a list with email integration tools https://collab365.directory/office365-sharepoint/email-tools-for-sharepoint-and-office-365/) to address the above gaps. Most of the tools require installation of software on the clients (e.g. Outlook Add-In) but there are also solutions that are fully browser-based.

Paul | SLIM Applications



No, we don't. We want to drag mails into the Group Conversation.


Kind regards,


Any news on this matter? We're struggling to find a way to have old emails available in our Office 365 group shared mailbox, we tested several add-in and tried many workaround, but still this apparently so simple task seems impossible to achieve!

Federico we are working on this but its too soon to share a timeline at this stage.

As @Christophe Fiessinger said, we are currently looking into drag-and-drop into groups. 


I have two questions I'd like to ask for your opinion on: 

  • Do you see value in retaining the information on who and/or when a user dragged the item into the group?
  • Currently, groups in Office 365 has a concept of subscription, while site/shared mailboxes do not. Members can choose to subscribe to a group, and they will get conversations sent to the group in their inbox as well.
    Now with drag and drop, do you expect users to get these conversations in their inbox as well?



1. I guess for audit purposes it might be nice to know who did what, but I'd rather not have that feature or have it be phase 2 to not hold up implementing the base copy/move feature.


2. Re what happens when users are subscribed: this should be an option either as a group setting and/or ideally presented via the UI during the copy/move operation: "Do you want these copied [moved] emails to be sent to subscribers to this group? [Yes][No]"

@Ethan Li Absolutely yes you need the information about who dragged the message in. Think legal hold/e-discovery scenarios, security/forensics scenarios, etc. Ghost emails that came from no one are generally a very bad idea :)

Also would like to know when this is coming to Outlook Desktop.