[Feature proposal] Start a conversation related to a document?

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Why not permit to start a conversation related to a document?


After a document add to the Group library could be useful to permit to start a conversation about that document adding a "Start Conversation" command in the context menu (before "Share..." for example).


In the conversation page the "document conversation" will have a label (fixed) related to the document to keep connected and searchable the conversation.


What do you think?



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Thanks for the great feedback Carlo. We're actually looking into building these exact features right now.


Nadia Fortini - MSFT

I love this idea! That is fantastic! It will be great to see this rolled out soon!
In the classic experience the "..." next to a document gives a popup, with preview. At the bottom you can select Post which starts a discussion in Yammer. Why its not in the New Experience I am not sure.