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Good afternoon, 

I have a question regarding modern Group Sites. We have a modern Group Site consisting of about 24-25 members ( a few of them owners ). Owners are able to click on a file within "Documents" (on the SharePoint site for the group) and share it with "Anyone", People in, People with existing or Specific People. Members however only have the "People with existing access" and "Specific People" permission available for them. 


We have a different modern Group site with almost exactly the same permissions which allow for both Owners & Members to share within and outside the organization (all four options available). I've enabled External Sharing at the tenant level / office 365 groups / individually assigned the ExternalUserAndGuestSharing for the modern site via Powershell and haven't had luck. Am I missing something? 


Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you 



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Thanks Alok for reaching out!

Can you tell me exactly what is broken? Are users not able to share with new external new users? or external sharing not working?


There is a feature that is rolling out which will change the default value of Group connected site aka Modern sites, from ExistingExternalUserSharingOnly to ExternalUserSharingOnly; In order to external sharing to work as per your requirement. I would reccomend you to update it from ExternalUserAndGuestSharing to ExternalUserSharingOnly using PowerShell. It should ensure that all of your scenario of external sharing works, otherwise you can add external users to Groups through Outlook web.

Hi Sahil,
I'm aware of the change you are rolling out, but I would like to know if the described scenario is not recommended / supported by Microsoft

Hi Juan Carlos, group site collections should allow for external sharing if you have enabled it.  As you noted, the current default for group-connected sites is to allow for sharing with *existing* external users already in your org directory.  We have begun to roll out the updated default behavior that Sahil referenced, where we now add a check at group creation time, and if Office 365 Groups allow for guest members, then the group's site will allow external sharing.  If not, the setting will remain "allow sharing with existing external users in your org.".  We've currently rolled out the update to FR customers, and will expand to rest of production tenants over the next few weeks.


Are you not seeing this behavior?