External File Sharing from O365 Groups allows user full access to site

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Interesting find that is could cause major problems.

  • Sharing is turn on at the tenant level as prescribed by Microsoft
  • Also turned on sharing for each O365 Group via Set-SPOSite  Command as stated by many blogs:

    Set-SPOSite -Identity <Tenant + Group name> -SharingCapability ExternalUserSharingOnly


     In a O365 Group > Document Library chose a file or folder to share externally (gmail Account)

  •  Email goes out to gmail recipient

  • Gmail recipient goes thru process to access file by loggin in with MS associated Gmail account
  • Gmail recipient gets a return email that he has no access to the file/folder and  does he want to Request Access
  • Gmail Recipient request access
  • O365 Owner received request fro Gmail Recepient and grants access
  • Gmail Recepient now has access to the whole site.

 Interesting enough if the O365 Owner does nothing with the request for access the Gmail Recipient  will be able to access the file or folder at the next attempt.


My question:  Is there a way to turn off External users from Requesting Access or what could be the solution to avoid this possibly bad situation.





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A Group site is just a SPO Site so I can only think on accessing to the "old" permissions page in SPO and disable access request there...you might need to grab the permissions url for a classic site if you don't have it in the site settings page