Enhancements to O365 Groups Calendar in Outlook - Never miss an event sent to a group.


Groups in Outlook is being used by millions of users worldwide to improve collaboration and be more productive working with a group of people – be it for project collaboration, organizational groups or classroom groups.


One key feedback we have received from you is that users sometimes miss group events as the invites sent to a group do not show up in the members' personal calendars.


Responding to this feedback around lost or missed group calendar invites, we will soon be rolling out a key enhancement to group calendar feature. With this enhancement, members of a group would always receive a copy of an event that was sent to a group in their personal inbox (in addition to the group mailbox), irrespective of their subscription settings for that group. Members can then action (accept/tentative/decline) on that invite just like they do for their personal calendar invites in their inbox. This way, members will always be in the know of all the group calendar events, and the event organizers can confidently create events without the fear of members missing events.


Thanks for your continued feedback for O365 Groups, and keep it coming.


This enhancement will be available to all O365 Groups users in the coming weeks. So, take it for a spin and let us know how you feel.


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@Ingrid Schiele I would love to know where that is - I haven't been able to find that setting.  Can you point me in the right direction?

@Ravin Sachdeva 


We are Outlook 2016 users previously with an exchange server but recently changed to O365 a couple of months ago.  We are starting to create groups instead of recreating public folder calendars and are receiving complaints about the individual meeting invitations for additions to our group time off calendar using Outlook 2016 (doctor appointments, vacation, etc.).  When I right click on the group calendar within Outlook 2016 and select New Appointment, a meeting form is displayed and not an appointment form.  I know this is an old conversation but this still seems to be an issue.  How can we get the appointment form to display in Outlook 2016 for the group calendar when we don't want to send meeting invitations to each group member?  Please respond.  Thanks.

To add to my previous post, this is the version showing in About Outlook


Microsoft Outlook 2016 MSO (16.0.4266.1001) 64-bit



I did get Outlook 2016 updated to 16.0.5017.100 MSO (16.0.4493.1002) 64-bit and still experiencing the same result.  Right clicking on O35 group calendar and select New Appointment displays a Meeting form.

Would really like the same: We tried to make an holiday/away calendar group to have easy overview ove staff, but every time someone marks as away by inviting this calendar, everybody in the company is invited, and then tenfolds of complaint emails 🤦 – we need to be able to NOT invite all members of a group, only the group calendar!