Emailing O365 Groups from SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows? (works in 2010)

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I am attempting to use O365 Group Email Addresses (hard coded in) inside of SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows.  There are conditional if statements that determine which email addresses will be sent to.  (Could be one or could be multiple).


So if I have a Workflow Variable that includes:;;

Then send an email (formatted as a string) -- note i've tried all the variations, and used this mechanism in SharePoint for eons.


This works perfectly in a SharePoint 2010 workflow

But in a SharePoint 2013 workflow, it appears SharePoint is unable to resolve the email address of the Group.  Basically, the email addresses are "blank" to SPD2013.


If I create an email action and directly select the Group, it is able to send the email just fine.  But any other dynamic variable selection, SharePoint doesn't know what to do with it.


Is there something different in SPD2013 that prevents it from being able to do this?  Or maybe something specific with Groups?  I'd rather not call a separate 2010 workflow just to send a simple email.



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Yeap, I have experienced this too...SPD 2013 workflows, as you have well said, are simply not able to resolve/use the e-mail of an Office 365 Group. I cannot also understand why the group itself is not well resolved when you try to use it in a workflow
I haven't tested this but if you set the New-UnifiedGroup -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled to false does it still fail?
Already done. I had to do that to get it to work with the 2010 workflow at all. It's definitely something with the 2013 engine behind the scenes.

I am just setting up a workflow now and used the actual email address of the Office 365 group.  A warning appeared that if the user may not be valid on the site and if so, no email would be sent.  Have yet to test it out.  I much prefer using FLOW but am now stuck with a xml forms library that Flow cannot "see" the data fields, so back to SPD 23013.  Once I test this I will post results.