Edit site information just spins

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Having lots of issues with Edit Site Information using the SharePoint UI. Unable to change site name etc.


And of course the link to the old aspx has gone :(


The OWA UI works fine and is immediate (although then the subsequent sync to SP takes a while) I have a thread open in the Answers Community (this community slipped my mind - sorry) but asking if anyone has seen similar?


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The support answer I received was


sent this feedback to the related team to evaluate it. Currently we haven't find any planned update about this


Would that be this team by any chance?


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I see that, but only when I go to Edit Site Information on a Subsite of the Group Site.

Our top level Group sites Edit Information pop out are loading fine currently.
Is this happening with any browser you try?
So I go and test again and now it works (Firefox, what other browser is there?) I change the title name of many of my groups daily (think MOTD) so will monitor ...