Dynamic security Office 365 Groupsbut i can't, because Office 365 don't support " Nested Group"

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Hi all,


I want to use AD Security group to make security Inside O365 Groups but i can't, because Office 365 don't support " Nested Group".


So long time ago, i develop with collegue a PowerShell Script, it sychronize members between AD sync group and Cloud only group ( Security Group).


Now i try to use this script to synchronize, AD sync group to O365 group but...... not works ^^


Any Suggestions ?

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At this moment, nested groups are not supported in Office 365 Groups


This is not supported today (adding Office 365 Groups as members of Security Groups) but somethingi we are investigating in the future and don't have any timeline to share.

We are close to announcinig the support of adding Office 365 Groups to Distribution Groups, please stay tune for more info.




Thanks all for our response.
Maybe any workaround ?