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We are a first release customer yet we are still waiting on the new Office 365 Groups Experience.


Does anyone know how this is being rolled out and when?





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What do you mean by new experience?

i think he means the new page lay-outs not sure... but no date is given on that one only Q4...
Yes sorry, the introduction of sites to groups.
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You can visit the site by visiting this address, but like you we don't have the formal links put in place.



Sneaky. Thanks for that, really helpful

I have been doing this but what is really bugging me is that when you click on Documents it takes you out of Sharepoint and basically into a onedrive interface.
Yes, unfortunately that appears to be unavoidable until we have had the feature officially rolled out to us.

My FR tenants now have the new "site" experience rolled out. 

I seem to have received a partial roll out with the Site link now being added to groups, however clicking it currently just takes me to the group OneDrive. Hopefully it sorts itself out over the coming week.

Can you attach a photo so I know we are talking about the same thing with "sites".


Thank you!

Yeah our FR got that on Friday but it does nothing new as well.


It's so confusing for even FR users.


I keep telling them that this is not how it will should look like this other interface.

Same here, got the site link but redirects to the documents view.

If you look at all the document views from MS Ignite demos...they don't use the "OneDrive" interface. You stay in the group team site with the links on the left.

Here is my new nav menu

2016-10-17 21_44_07-Start.png


Hitting the site link takes me to a fulll SP site

2016-10-17 21_44_22-Settings.png



My Site link just takes me here:












So it's clearly not working as intended currently.

Thanks for sharing this but as Jack said...the links on the left side of this new interface don't all work correctly. Try edit links or site content. They just take you to documents.
For the site that I took screenshots of, all the links work appropriately. I do not see this working on all Group sites though so it is doesn't appear to be fully rolled out.

Yeah our main root sharepoint works as intended...which is our intranet...but none of the new groups/team sites. 


I just noticed something in 1 of the 4 groups that I am in that is new...


Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 3.00.48 PM.png