Does anyone know when will you be able to save to a group directly from the Outlook web app?

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As you know, you can save a file directly to groups from your Outlook Desktop app, but if you are working on your Outlook web platform you cannot.  You can only save directly to your personal OneDrive.


Do you guys know if there is a fix for this in the near future.


My team has all its projects based on Groups and is more and more inclined to use only the Outlook web app (search capabilities are much better online).  However, this issue disincentive the use of the web app because in order to save to Groups you have to download and upload the file (which really makes no sense). 


Maybe we are not working with the right settings. 


Does anyone have some insight about it? 


Thank you!!! 



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How are you saving the files in the context of the Group using OWA?
For OWA we download the file in our computers and the upload it to the Group.

As a workaround you can save te file to ODFB and then copy it from ODFB to the Group doclib directly (cloud to cloud).

Fabien from when you compose a message in a group from Outlook on the web and you attach a file from your PC, do you see the option below?



Hi Chris, 


We have no issue uploading files from a group when composing an email in OWA.  


Our issue is when we get emails with attachments and view them from OWA.  We cannot save them directly to a Group there is no option available.  You can only download it or save it to OneDrive, but there is no option to save to Groups like in the Outlook desktop app.


Please see attached.





Do you see the Save to Group library from either the Conversations or Files in the group space in OWA? (see below)




I think Fabian mean save from your personal inbox in OWA to a group.
You can only download or save to your personal Onedrive now.
It would be great if you could save from your personal inbox/folder to any Groups in your web-mail.
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OK you are correct, you can only save to OneDrive from your inbox and this is something we are looking at improving