Do not store sent emails from distribution group in Exchange Online

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Hi there.


I have a distribution group for send only email, like a no-reply email. The distribution group email address is being used by an SMTP service and the setup is working perfectly, but the sent items are being stored in the "Send as" email address which is used to login in the SMTP and for the real sender account.


This is my configuration:

  • Sender: noreply@...
  • Username:  info@... and password
  • SMTP: | 587

I tried to use rules to delete Sent emails from the distribution group stored in info@... sent items, but these rules are only applied on Inbox folder.


Any suggestion on how can I achieve this? For me sounds like it is a configuration that should be somewhere, because why should I store and increase the size of my mailbox for emails that are only for information/not relevant?


Thanks for your time ^^

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That's something Microsoft enabled a while back and is not configurable. You can simply apply a retention policy to the Sent Items folder to have those items deleted after XX days.

Hi @CommanInfo,


use a shared mailbox instead of distribution group to send from no-reply@ and set UniSent flow

to keep the Sent items folder clean.