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I would like to create a distribution list. This is not a "group". I would like for the members of the distribution list to not see the other emails so it looks like they are the only person receiving the emails. My goal is to send one email message for marketing to multiple business partners at once. It is not to collaborate as we do in Groups.

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If those are external users, they will only be able to see the name/address of the group. Internal people will be able to expand the group/see its membership.

@Vasil Michev I tried to add the external email addresses with Groups but nobody received my emails.

If you are using a distribution list, you need to add them as external contacts within the organization first. If using Groups, they have to accept the invite, and you need to make sure they're "subscribed" to the Group.
We need to set up several distribution lists. We need them with the same email group address. Every time we set up a different distribution list, it requires a different group email address. We would like to have only one email group address linked to several distribution lists. There is one marketing person managing all the distribution lists.