Different meeting organizer in Outlook and OWA


When I open a group calendar in Outlook and click New Meeting my name shows as meeting organizer. When I then send the invitation the meeting is only visible in my local Outlook, not in Web Access and none of the group members receives a invitation.


When I do the same in Outlook Web Access the group name is the meeting organizer and everyone receives invitations. I expect Outlook to work this way.


Is this the intended behavior?

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The request should have the Group address automatically added to the TO box, so all users should receive it by default (unless you remove the group manually). Which version/build of Outlook is that?

@Vasil Michev The group and myself is indeed added to the TO box. Me or anyone else does not receive an invitation.


Version: 1903.
Build: 11425.20096 Click-to-Run


Now that part might be due to the "subscription" settings for the group calendar, which each user can control. The easiest way to check that is by browsing to the Group mailbox via OWA, click the Gear button in the top right corner, Manage Group Email and check/adjust the settings there.

My and my co workers have set it to "Receive all conversations and events". Still, this does not explain why the behavior is different in Outlook and OWA.