Difference between Office 365 Team site and Office group site.

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What is the main difference between Office 365 Team site and Office 365 group site.

In my organization's users are using Office 365 site and created  group for internal use. We are unable to provides same functionality in office 365 group site like we did on office 365 team site.

Can you please share information related differences or any other limitation on office 365 group site?

I think both sites(office 365 team and office 365 group) are using same team site template. Please correct me if I am wrong.



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An Office 365 Group Site and a Office 365 Team site created from the SPO landing page are the same...no differences. If you are talking about a Team Site created in the SPO Admin Center, then the main difference is that you don't have a group connected to the site and that you have all the possible SPO site configuration options available (something that does not happen in a Group Site)