Determine Group Planner URL from PowerShell

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Is there a way to determine what your Planner url will be for a Group via PowerShell?


Right now it uses a big random set of characters.

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What are you trying to achieve with it? What's the use case please?
I'd like to put together my own SharePoint list of Groups with quick links to each of the major workloads (then do list item permissions on it), and place it on our intranet home page for "My Groups"

I've got it all mostly working and can get most everything right except the calendar (separate thread) and the planner.

I don't think so. You need to use Graph API instead of powershell.

Any guidance on the request url to get to that level of planner information?

I can query the Graph API and find out all kinds of stuff, but it seems to return way less information than the PowerShell Get-UnifiedGroup commands.

This is where I am starting:

Or do I need to go backwards, and query Planner to correlate it to my list of Groups?
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Quick update, found a "direct link" from sharepoint site that can be used to redirect to Planner

Same thing can be used for other services (CALENDAR, NOTEBOOK, PLANNER), havent found it for CONVERSATIONS or FILES, but Planner was the only one I ever really needed in the first place :)

Very Interesting Info!

so the bottom line is that there is no way to get a list with...


O365Groupname + full Planner Url



My Test Group +<tenant name>/EN-US/Home/PlanViews/vdyL4XGLpEqoV1EADf2_n5YAFXvF


..right ?


Is the Planner "data" stored in the SPO site ? if yes, where do i see it form a file point of view ?


I would sell my soul if you can get me the info....i've tried this and cant seem to get it to work. I understand, we're several years later...thanks