Deleted O365 Groups under Following

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Under "Following" (left on top) on the SharePoint home page i see deleted O365 Groups. Why?

When are deleted groups no longer appear?
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Hi David, this is a great question for our 'Ask Microsoft Anything' AMA. It's starting today in about 10min.

I don't there is any automation, and never was when using this on-prem either. Would be great if there was auto-cleanup, or you could create something yourself.

Following uses the old social api, and follows are stored in a list on your mysite.
Mmm...If the sites are deleted, they should not appear there so I guess this a piece of functionality missed / not implemented
Probably. Never seen a follow ever be automatically removed since 2013 introduced the feature :)
Agree, but I think it's time to have it fixed knowing the importance Microsoft is giving to the SPO landing page ;-)...isn't it?