Default Sharing for SharePoint Team Sites


By default, an O365 Group provisions a SP Team Site with "Allow sharing only with the external users that already exist in your organization's directory".


How can we modify the default SharingCapability to Disabled upon creation?


Obviously we can change this after creation using powershell, but there needs to be a setting at the tenant level to control this....along with many other things.


Found this...

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AFAIK, the link you referenced is the state of the art, at the moment.

Hence, no way to change the default and no UI setting, at least for now.

Only PowerShell.

Are you looking to have the ability or control external sharing specifically at the site level vs the external sharing of the Group itself?

We have external sharing controlled at the Site level.  We are asking for additional admin controls on the creation of the O365 Group.  We would like the ability to change the default sharing for the SP Team Site that is created.

Not sure what you mean... Can you please elaborate a bit?

Create an Office 365 Group.  Do a Get-SPOSite on your group and take note of the SharingCapability.


Check this link for O365 Groups -


It says, By default, all SharePoint site collections that are part of an Office 365 Group have the sharing setting set to Allow sharing only with the external users that already exist in your organization’s directory. To change this setting, you can use the Set-SPOSite Windows PowerShell cmdlet.


I am asking Microsoft for the ability to change this default setting and not have to follow up with scheduled powershell scripts to modify this after creation.



Understood and agreed!