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Does anyone know if there is a "deeplink" to the group discovery page (see attached file)? I want to be able to guide my staff directly to that page without having them to click on "App Launcher"->"E-Mail"->"More"->"Discover" (slow and annoying).



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I was hoping they would have this by now as well.  I understand why you must navigate to Office 365 Group through Mail as the Conversation part of the Group is basically a mailbox.  Users do receive an email when they are added to the Group.  Make sure to check the subscribe all users checkbox when setting up the group and/or adding new users.  That way when any one posts in the Group they get an email and always have a way to get back to the Group for the non-Office 365 savvy users.


When on the Conversations page for the Group, you can grab that URL and create a list of Groups links.  Some of the Office 365 Groups apps are handy, but the Windows 10 app was removed from the Store (Outlook Groups).  If you were lucky enough to get it before they removed it.


Use the feedback option from Office 365!

Here's a reply from Yammer O 365 Network by Amit Gupta: there is no deep link today for discovery page. Thanks for your feedback we are working out a plan for overall discovery for Groups and take this input. Today discovery experience is enabled in Inbox Ribbon in Outlook 2016 and also on main tab of Outlook Groups mobile app, those are additional end points for users to discover what's new. We have seen these pages are usually browsed by new users and once they start using Groups, they tend to browse groups infrequently. We are also exploring ways to provide suggestions for new groups in context of user flow.
All still great feedback, but the feature is still on the backlog.
Deep link to the page is available, you can use path=/people/browsegroups. An example url looks like

Perfect thanks! 

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