Create a Planner Task when an email arrives in a Group mailbox in Outlook

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Hi all,


is there a possibility to create automatically a new task in MS Planner when a new E-Mail arrives in the Outlook mailbox of an Office365 group (i.e. via Microsoft Flow)?


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I think it's totally possible and as a first option I would definitively have a look to Flow

@Philipp Dorn, Currently there is no Trigger available for Group mailbox in Flow. The work around is to subscribe to the Group, so the copy of emails will be delivered to individual mailbox. Form here you can use Flow for creating corresponding Planner tasks. 


PS: when the user replies to the Group conversation, it will also be delivered to the individual mailbox as new email, so duplicate Planner task will be created. In order to avoid this we need to skip the email subjects that starts with RE: 


See attached screenshot which describes this flow and let me know if you need any help on this. 

Flow for Planner task creation.png

Hello @SanthoshB1, how are you ?


I checked your answer and now we have the trigger. "When an email arrives in a group". However, I can create the activity in Planner, but this same activity does not extract and pull the data from the email.


Would you have any flow for this step?


Grateful in advance!



@MatheusFalheiros- Hello!  Were you able to figure this out? I am trying to create the same flow and am hitting a wall.  TIA!