Copy a Personal Appt to Group Calendar w/o sending Group Invitations


Hello Office Group Fans.


I am well versed with creating a Group calendar event and not sending the invitation to the members of the group (such as days off or other administrative events).  Now, I'd like to be able to copy a calendar event from my personal calendar to the group calendar without sending it to all group members.


Currently, when I copy and paste the event to the group calendar, automatically, invitations are sent to my group members.


Can anyone share any workarounds for this?


Thank you.

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This is an interesting scenario, and I don't know of a straight forward way to copy an event from your personal calendar and make it an appointment in the Group calendar.


You might just have to create a duplicate appointment in the Group calendar. 


@Maria Kang - if she knows of any graceful way to do this. 

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Hi Ona, 

Could you help me better understand your scenario? So this is what I'm observing: 

  1. When you copy an appointment from personal calendar to group calendar, it gets copied as an appointment and no invite gets sent to group members.
  2. When you copy a meeting with invitees from personal calendar to group calendar, it gets copied as a meeting and invite gets sent to all group members. 

Is this what you're observing as well? If so, if the question is whether there's a workaround for case #2 (do not send invites to group members when a meeting with invitees from personal calendar gets copied to group calendar), there's no workaround.



Maria, #2 is the scenario that I'm interested in, in which (per your statement) there is no workaround,


If a manager accepts a personal invitation from a subordinate, it would great if the manager/invitee could copy/paste the personal invite into the Group calendar without sending out a group calendar invite.   Right now, 2 steps have to be done to accomplish this:(


I will add this to the user voice for future consideration.  Thank you.

I create the appointment in my personal calendar then drag and drop it to the group calendar inside Outlook for Windows and all is well.

yes, I've noticed this works as well. It doesn't send an invitation to everyone in your teams group. I don't understand why MS has to make everything so difficult. We should just be able to add items to a group calendar without sending it to everyone in the group!