Conversations button in SharePoint Group redirect to Inbox, not to the Group mailbox

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We are faced with a problem when we want to go through the SharePoint Group to the group mailbox in Outlook. 


I and a colleague with the same security roles and group access and both cannot see groups in Outlook. When he uses Conversations tab in SharePoint, he is redirected to the Group mailbox, and when I'm doing the same, I can get only to my Inbox.


Any ideas?

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Hello @Slava_P


Make sure the groups are not hidden from address list:

Set-UnifiedGroup -identity groupname -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $false

The group conversation link should work as long as you are a member/owner or have site management permissions assigned via sharepoint for the group. First compare your and other admin's licenses and permissions on the group itself. Next try to open the direct conversation url and see if it gives you any kind of error message , the url should look somewhat like this:



Hello @harveer singh 


We already set as 'false' controls ''HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled'' and ''HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled''. 

@harveer singh 


Hello we are also having this problem - did you mange to fix it? I don't understand the comment from the other poster - any help appreciated :) Thanks!

Hello. I found HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled as an option in the Teams admin center.
Where can I find the "HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled" option?

I set HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled to False, but even so the Inbox is called instead of the Group in Outlook (I see the Group below).

P.S.: I know the post is from July 2021, but I have exactly the same problem right now :-).
I'm having the same issue in 8/2023. No solutions here, unfortunately.