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Hey all,

I'm trying to see if anyone is able to get content type hub syndication working with the new O365 Group sites. I have it working for our normal sites, but none of the custom content types are coming into the group sites. Any ideas on this? 
When I look under 'Content Type Publishing' in the site settings of the group site, I can confirm that it is subscribed, it just doesn't seem to be doing anything. Thanks!

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Be aware that Group sites are at the moment special sites...this could change when modern sites arrive to groups

Even though they are using the group site template (GROUP#0) as they are now moving to a full "team site" experience, content type syndication should also occur for these sites.  If they are not yet I would say this is something that should be added to user voice. 

You might test yourself if you alredy have modern team sites in your tenants ;)

I checked out a site with the new experience tonight and saw multiple sites included a test content type that I had put on the content type hub.  I will say not every group had this content type but some did. 

2016-10-17 21_51_19-Settings.png

Seems not to work on my tenant. I see the contenttypes appearing on other sites, but not in the (modern) o365 group sites. Subscription to the hub seems fine in site settings.


Does someone know if this is something that will work in the future?

I am saying that I am seeing it in a modern O365 group site as the screenshot is that of a content type settings for a modern group site. When I checked last night though not all o365 modern group sites in my tenant had the content type applied to it from the CTH.

I just realized my notifications for this were in my junk mail. Thanks for the reply everyone! The 'Group' sites are still not getting content types for me, FYI. 

I am having similar issue where a O365 Group Team site doesn't show any subscribed Content type.


Is it woth loggin it as an issue or is this still being rolled out?

I would open a service ticket for that one and let us know what they say!
Thanks Drew.
I just sent a support ticket.
I'll post back when resolved.

Hi @Julien Gares,


I'm experiencing the same issue, so I'm wondering if you've received an update from MS or come to any resolution since your last post?






Can confirm same in my tenant - I even refreshed all subscriptions, but content types I'm pushing from the hub do not show up on Group sites.

Thanks for all the responses, everyone. I think it is clear this is needed, all I really would like at this point is a promise from Microsoft that this is coming, and in a land of rainbows and unicorns, some type of date estimate for release.


Some may call me a dreamer...

Hey Julien, did you get a repsonse.

I'm dearly missing custom content types in my groups as well!

Hi @Jim Van Eaton 


Could someone from the O365 Groups team pitch in on this topic?


thank you

Hi, all.  Sorry for the delayed reply here.  We are working on enabling support for content types from the content type hub in O365 group team sites.  We will update you when we have more details, like timeline.

Thanks! Where should we keep an eye out? 

Dear @Lincoln DeMaris , thank you for the update. Good to know it's coming.


@Levi Johnson, I've believe they just will popup at the Site Content Types for all Office 365 Groups.


Great news...IMHO we should see also a message in the message center about this coming to Groups
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