Community Site on Office 365 Group Team Site

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Is it possible to enable community site feature on Team Site created for o365 Group?

We tried to do that and got following error: Error.png


We also tried to create a subsite based on Community template but this template is simply not visible on the list.


Is there a possibility to enable this on Group Team Site?



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You could try enable the features that this feature depends on using PnP Powershell.


Enable-PnPFeature should do the trick


I'd really consider not doing this -- as many changes and things they are doing to SharePoint in Groups.

No telling what kind of mess you could get into enabling something that seems like it could be easily be shut down on a whim. Until they can firmly discuss where they are going with Group-connect SP sites, as opposed to fully-featured team sites, this would make me very leary.

 @Deleted I am curious to know about the use case of doing this. Community tempate offers threaded discussions. Which is similar to Conversations part of the O 365 groups. Are you looking for classic discussion boards?

I agree with @Brent Ellis .  It's not advisable to enable this in a Groups (Modern) team site.  I think you'd be better off to embed a Yammer Group feed on a modern page in your modern team site.  

@kiran bellala The idea was to have a modern teams site with better look and feel especially modern pages. We wanted to have there community features which includes discussion board with categories, rating, members list with statistics. It's a bit more than a standard discussion board and gives more then Conversations in group (rating, marking best reply, categories, users reputation, badges).

Unfortuatelly Yammer feed is not enough for us. We need functionalites from community features which don't exist in yammer or group conversations.

The community feature are on the site features list in modern team site so we thought it's possible to enable it.

I agree. Community template has some nice features like badges, reputation, join& leave a community etc.
If you are considering Yammer, then take look into Yammer app store. There are some custom apps that add more functionality like Badges on top of Yammer.