Collaboration options: Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer


I think the summary in this article is worth, so sharing with the community:

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Great find. Thanks for the repost.

a lot of the content is here following the launch of Microsoft Teams:


Microsoft Teams:

  • Leveraged by users and teams who are looking to collaborate in real-time with the same group of people.
  • Helps teams looking to iterate quickly on a project while sharing files and collaborating on shared deliverables.
  • Allows Users looking to connect a wide range of tools into their workspace (such as Planner, Power BI, GitHub, etc.).


  • Leveraged by users looking to communicate in more formal, structured manner.
  • Provides specific business processes that require email usage to transmit documents and information inside and outside corporate boundaries.
  • Communicates and connects with users who are outside of immediate workgroups or organizations.
  • Has low-frequency interactions that do not require immediate action.


  • Leveraged to help connect users across the organization share best practices or participate in a community of practice.
  • Connects one to many and crowdsource ideas and topics, through its enterprise social network.
  • Helps customers looking to foster two-way conversations between leadership and staff.
  • Supports communities for company services.

Skype for Business:

  • Allows organizations with real-time communication and collaboration both internally and externally with customers/partners.
  • Provides meetings with audio, video and content with small or large teams (including Town Halls with up to 10,000 participants).

Do you know how we can get access to the slide deck used in the video?

What slides are you looking for exactly? a few very similar can be downloaded from my recent Ignite AUS session:

Thanks!  Was looking for some O365 overview slides and grabbed yours along with a couple other sessions.