Changes to the Office 365 Groups Tech Community on June 30, 2020


As we announced last month, to reflect the fact that Office 365 Groups power collaboration across Microsoft 365, Office 365 Groups will become Microsoft 365 Groups. These changes will happen over time and will be reflected in all the connected endpoints over the next couple quarters. 


To align the Tech Community with this name change, we are also creating a new Community Hub called Microsoft 365 Groups. This new Hub will replace the existing Office 365 Groups community. Folks who are existing members of the Office 365 Groups Community Hub will be automatically joined as members of the new Hub. In addition, content from the conversation spaces in the Office 365 Groups Community Hub will be migrated to the Microsoft 365 Groups Hub, and the Office 365 Groups Hub will be redirected to the new Microsoft 365 Groups Hub. By migrating membership and content to the new Community Hub, we are making this move seamless and transparent for you, although you will need to update your bookmarks/favorites, as the URL will be changing.


We are making the transition on June 30, 2020and we wanted to give everyone notice before doing so. The new Microsoft 365 Groups community will be your place to discuss best practices, news, and the latest topics related to Microsoft 365 Groups. It is intended as a place for sharing information and discussions. 


Thanks for your help keeping the Office 365 Groups community a vibrant and useful place, and we look forward to seeing you in the new Microsoft 365 Groups community in the future! 


--The Microsoft 365 Groups team 

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What happened to Microsoft Office365 today, June 22, 2020.  I clicked on icon at the bottom of my screen. I go to click on a "new page" for Microsoft Word & it opens in in the Chrome Internet page.  Worse I can only save documents to my OneDrive.  I can no longer save them directly to my Hard Drive.  This caught me off guard ... and to be honest is a nuisance.  I doN'T want anything to do with a "Drop Box".   @Scott Schnoll 

@HVFarmer, I'm not sure.  Feel free to send me the details at, and I can look into this.