Change the default settings to hide Microsoft 365 Groups from the global address list.

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How can I change the default settings for Microsoft 365 groups so when a new group gets created by default it doesn't appear in GAL?


I don't want to do it per group so the below command doesn't fulfil what I'm looking for:


Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity "Legal Department" -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $true





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Been long since I tested out what Tony's writes in this article, but might shed some light on your issue


Btw, I had to test it using TAC and the HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled turned out: False


When using New-Team cmdlet HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled turned out: True


Just added for some context as it seems to still be the case.

Thanks Christian, Tony's solution is a mass update on existing M365 groups that should be done periodically and it applies same settings on all groups (hidden from Gal or visible in GAL).

I'm looking for changing the default settings across our tenant so no matter where the groups get created (MS Teams desktop, Admin Center, PowerShell, ... ) always the email address should be hidden in GAL and if a group should be appeared in GAL we manually make it visible.

Well that’s the point with my reply :) no such setting AFAIK, as it depends from where you create the team/group. You’re not the only one asking for this either but haven’t heard anything new on the topic I’m afraid.