Change SMTP address of o365 group


Its it possible to change or add a SMTP address to a o365 group. i want the domain to be one of the SMTP domains we use with our hybrid exchange. Right now it seems like its only the smtp address created when the group was created and its using the tentant domain "

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Thank you

@Jason Benway wrote:
Thank you

So, did this work for your hybrid environment or are you hitting the same limitations and bugs that I am? See this thread:



I haven't tried yet. We also are not using writeback, that requires azure ad premium and Exchange 2013/6 in hybrid. We only have Azure AD basic and exchange 2010 right now.


I'll test chaning the smtp address on a group soon.



are your MX records pointing onPrem or to O365?

If they are pointing onPrem, I don't see a way for you to use your custom domain for Office 365 Groups and have them recognized by your onPrem Exchange Server, since it wouldn't have any onPrem objects (O365 = distribution list) synced back.