Change Calendar Categories in a Group Calendar

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I have a group calendar I would like to use for 4 offices as a corporate calendar. In my personal calendar, I can change the category colors and label them for each office. I cannot change the categories in the group calendar. I cannot find the answer as to why categories is greyed out.


How do I change the categories in a group calendar? I am the owner


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Groups do not support categories, and dozen other useful features. If you need this functionality, use a shared mailbox instead.
Sadly, this is what I was thinking based on everything I was seeing. I was truly hoping there was some backdoor I had not found yet. :(
I love how Microsoft is really trying to put out a platform of great products, but in this case just like many others. They have 3+ versions of something and none of them are a complete solution. It would be nice to combine the 3+ versions of a tool into a full package deal. Then again, that leaves plenty of room for small 3rd parties to get in the door and have a piece of the pie.
In all fairness, they did promise to improve the "mailbox" experience going forward... so check back in few years :)